Run501.AI was created to provide comprehensive resources for starting and running a nonprofit.  It is difficult to figure out how to start a nonprofit, and it is harder to keep one going.  Run501.AI is bringing together information and insights that help nonprofits succeed, and we are making those resources available on this site.

This website will help nonprofit founders understand how to start a nonprofit.  That includes recruiting a Board of Directors, choosing a legal structure, filing with a state, submitting an IRS application, and getting an Employer ID.  It also includes understanding how to create and manage important documents, establish internal governing policies, document Board meetings, and file annual reports.

Our goal is to provide access to resources that help nonprofits navigate the startup and management processes.  As we build this website, those resources will include “How To” guides, training videos, and message boards.  We are also creating artificial intelligence (AI) assistants that automate a number of processes.  We are creating the AI technologies with the help of our parent organization:  Altruism.AI

Altruism.AI is working with Run501.AI to create expert artificial intelligence assistants that help nonprofits with administration, fundraising, relationship-building, strategic planning, and management.  Our mission is to make the benefits of artificial intelligence advancements available to nonprofits for free or based on ability to pay.  We want to give people with great nonprofit ideas the business tools that they needed to succeed.
Run501.AI was started by Altruism.AI, which is a platform for launching nonprofits that improve the world through artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is entering a phase of rapid advancement.  As the field moves forward many new technologies will be created, which will profoundly affect people's lives.  Altruism.AI is focused on the ethical application of artificial intelligence and ensuring that everyone has equal access to the benefits of AI.  For more information, visit Altruism.AI.
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